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Graduate Students


Students in my lab will gain experience in a variety of contexts, including in the field and in the lab (genetic and physiological techniques). This integrative approach allows my students to test sophisticated hypotheses in evolutionary and behavioural ecology, and conservation. In addition, most of my students engage with collaborators within and outside Laurentian University, providing access to new techniques and approaches as well as networking opportunities.


If you find my research and approach of interest then I encourage you to contact me to discuss your interests. Generally, I prefer graduate students to have at least some input into their research program but specific projects can be assigned. To read more about my approach to graduate students and my lab, click here for a PDF file that outlines the guidelines to our research group.


Perhaps most importantly, I suggest you speak with my students about what it is like being in my lab and having me as a supervisor. Not only is it important for you to have this information, but it is also important for me as I consider my current students' opinions regarding new students.



Field Assistants


Every year I hire 1-2 field assistants to work at the Wildlife Research Station in Algonquin Park to work on flying squirrels and assist graduate students. If you are interested in these opportunities, contact me. Applying for an NSERC summer fellowship or other funds will enhance your application.

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