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May 2016 - Masters student Madison Acker, together with Science Communications graduate students Lucija Prelovec and Kaitlin Richard, produced a quick video summarizing Madison's research. The video is titled, "Canada's Most Endangered Animal" and can be viewed here.

May 2016 - Albrecht is invited to speak at the symposium "Contemporary approaches to wildlife conservation science" at the Canadian Society of Zoologists meeting at Western University. His talk was "Conservation biology and zoos: integrating ecology and evolution" and introduced ReNewZoo to the CSZ. Great to see ReNewZoo co-applicants Trevor Pitcher and Gary Burness at the conference!


May 2016 - Big news from NSERC - Our CREATE grant ReNewZoo was funded. Many thanks to all of our partners who participated. Check out the press release from Laurentian University. Click here for the CBC radio interview about ReNew Zoo.


April 2016 - Albrecht is quoted in the New York Times.  Carl Zimmer's article on the parasites, conservation and the effects on captive populations of endangered species is here.

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